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Build Your Authentic Brand

The Engine of Marketing

The engine of marketing is the brand of a company. Why? If any part of an engine is out of balance (calibration or measurement) the engine fails to deliver its power potential—or may even fail to work at all. If carburation is out of adjustment the wrong fuel mixture...

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The 30 Second Elevator Pitch

Have you ever been at a networking event where someone comes up to you, introduces them self, asks what you do, and before you get too many words out of your mouth, they hand you their business card and start “pitching” you on what they do? Of course, this happens all...

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What Does Being Authentic Look Like

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." — Yoda I have done some soul traveling lately and 4 Directions Branding has been my vehicle. By co-creating with our clients their most authentic brands, we travel into the soul of their companies and into...

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The Quantum Physics of Marketing

Marketing can look like so many things, especially in our hyper tech world of constantly expanding options. And yet it remains as one simple thing, the mere conveyance of a unique vision that attracts people to a company, a product or service. It sounds simple enough...

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