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Brand Roadmap for the Conscious Business

We are offering the complimentary Brand Roadmap for the Conscious Business as an important first step to liberate conscious businesses from the kind of marketing that relies on hype, interruption and competition-oriented narrative. It’s not an instruction book, but rather a roadmap to guide you through the brand process.

Is your marketing not working?

Have you considered that your brand may have something to do with it?

In working with our clients, we’ve found (more often than not) the problem has more to do with the brand, than marketing tactics or strategies.

Why is that?

For businesses that are purpose-oriented, there is a much deeper and richer story to tell than mere commerce. And yet, we are taught as marketers to market our companies based on standard practices and tactics. However, being a conscious business means we are different, which means we need to market ourselves in a different way.

Authentically and transparently articulating and sharing your brand story and narrative, and your unique personality and tone, is an incredibly powerful way of transforming your business and your marketing.

There are many resources available to the conscious business to create a truly compelling and resonant brand narrative and strategy, and yet so often not having a clear idea of what needs to be done and in what order can stifle the process.

It is for this reason that we offer the Roadmap, for you the conscious business, to navigate the process from where you are, to marketing that feels authentic, connects with those you seek to serve in a meaningful way, and motivates action.

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