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We believe that each individual has the power to have a meaningful impact through the work they do in the world. At 4 Directions Branding we open doors for individuals and companies to see what is already within them, that once unleashed will enable their greatest success.

We are a branding company. We work with our clients to capture their authentic essence, and co-create a strategy to convey their uniqueness in words, visuals, and culture.

4 Directions Branding is itself a co-creation of Glenn & Maria Geffcken, bridging years of diverse business, sales and marketing experience, together with a lifetime of personal development work and the cultivation of deep listening and intuitive communication skills. Their own brand process has been evolutionary in every way, leading them to a point of inspiration and clarity.

At 4 Directions Branding we co-create your brand strategy with you. Think of us like the conductor—you make the music, we guide the process.

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