We believe that when we truly aspire to make a difference with the work we do positive change happens.

We believe that when we truly aspire to make a difference with the work we do positive impact happens.


Ever wondered why marketing feels a little uncomfortable?

There has to be a better way, right?

Unlock the kind of brand narrative and visual design that feels authentic, while presenting your brand as a true reflection of who you are.


Deepening the Authenticity of a Brand Changes Everything

It strikes a chord with an audience, improves marketing, guides design, increases sales, strengthens culture, and attracts and retains the right team members.

Our process delves into the soul of your organization, extracting its true meaning, and unlocking its fullest potential.


Gain a foundational strategy for long-term success, a clear idea of your values, and a yardstick to measure your achievements.

Experience a stronger, more resilient culture, lower turnover, higher efficiency, and a visual brand that truly represents your essence.

Happy people at work
Happy people at work


Traditional marketing is finding an unmet need and filling it. We’ve upended that model. We say look within, find what seeks to emerge and go make it happen. If it’s truly authentic it will find an audience.

Instead of doing work to make money, it’s about making money so we can do the work that makes us feel alive. A subtle shift that makes the difference between merely good and truly innovative.

“Working with 4 Directions Branding was such an amazing unique experience! Trusting Maria and Glenn with their process of making my dream a reality was more than I ever could expect! They are a passionately committed team, that took the time to understand my passion and speak my language to build me a truly authentic brand and website!”

Rachael Wyman

Founder/Ower, Kids at Play

“A brand is not a mere public face of a company, a truly authentic brand is both an inward and outward manifestation of the soul of a company.”

— Glenn Geffcken, 4 Directions Branding

Glenn Geffcken

“The branding work 4 Directions Branding completed with me was much deeper than I expected, and brought me to a new authentic place, providing expansiveness of which I was unaware.”

Doug Bruggeman

PhD & Founder, Ecological Services and Markets, Inc.


Consumers want to buy from brands that stand for something real. Faking it no longer works because people see through the fluff.

Discover the new reality where ethics matter and your brand’s story conveys who you are and what truly matters.

We’ll Help You Get There

With decades of experience, we have mastered the art of capturing your essence in marketing, messaging, design, and culture.

Uncover the magic that connects your brand with your audience, attracts top talent, increases sales, and builds unwavering loyalty.

What We’ll Do for You

From vision and mission statements to refining your values, crafting your brand’s voice and personality, and designing elements that speak to your essence, we create authentic brands that resonate deeply.

Experience the expertise and empathy of our team as we help you uncover your organization’s truth and co-create a brand that changes everything for the better.

“The process with Glenn and Maria was second to none. I am thrilled with my website, logo, and brand! They are world class! Thank you, Glenn and Maria!”

Eric Belsterling

Heart and Soul Recovery, PLLC



Immersive Workshops

Unveil the potential of your brand in one, two or three-day workshops.

Brand Coaching

Cultivate a profound connection with your audience, community, and team.
Brand Strategy

Brand Evolution

Building the foundation to take it to the next level.
Personal Brand

Personal Branding

Discovering and owning your innate brilliance.
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Aligning all the pieces for a deeper connection.

Ready to transcend to the new model?

Ready to transcend to the new model?