We believe that when we truly aspire to make a difference with the work we do positive impact happens.

We believe that when we truly aspire to make a difference with the work we do positive impact happens.

Ever wondered why marketing feels a little uncomfortable?

You might be thinking, there has to be a better way?

You might be seeking a kind of brand narrative and visual design that feels authentic.

And you may be seeking to present your brand in a way that truly says, “This is who we are!”

Deepening the Authenticity of a Brand Changes Everything

It strikes a chord with an audience, improves marketing, guides design, increases sales, strengthens culture, and attracts and retains the right team members.

It takes willingness to dig into the soul of an organization and extract the meaning that exists (or potentially exists) in literally every organization and in every individual.

When done right it’s powerful. It brings change, the right kind of change — change that leads individuals and organizations to their fullest potential.

Results You Can Anticipate

Having a foundational strategy to your business and its marketing for years to come, a clear idea of the values that drive your work, and a yardstick by which to measure your success.

Our process will lead you to a stronger more resilient culture, lower turnover, higher efficiency, and a visual brand that truly represents who you are.

“Working with 4 Directions Branding was such an amazing unique experience! Trusting Maria and Glenn with their process of making my dream a reality was more than I ever could expect! They are a passionately committed team, that took the time to understand my passion and speak my language to build me a truly authentic brand and website!”

— Rachael Wyman, Kids at Play


“The branding work 4 Directions Branding completed with me was much deeper than I expected, and brought me to a new authentic place, providing expansiveness of which I was unaware.”

— Doug Bruggeman, PhD & Founder of Ecological Services and Markets, Inc.

Building “Wholehearted Brands” is the New Marketing

Consumers want to buy from brands that stand for something.

Faking it doesn’t work anymore because people see through the fluff.

This is the new cultural reality — that wholehearted brands thrive, while those who merely focus on features and benefits and boasting about how great they are will dwindle and diminish.

The great resignation shows us that employees want something more as well, and they’re willing to take great personal risks to find it. Now we’re seeing labels on products that tell the story of how things are made, how employees are treated, and where ingredients are sourced. This is the new reality — that ethics matter — and through the brand we tell the story of who we are and what matters to us.

Building a deeper purpose into a brand and becoming wholehearted is literally possible for every individual and organization.

“A brand is not a mere public face of a company, a truly authentic brand is an outward manifestation of the soul of a company.”

— Glenn & Maria, 4 Directions Branding

Glenn & Maria Geffcken

Let Us Help You Get There

From decades of creating and fostering wholehearted brands we’ve learned a few things. We’ve learned from our successes and our failures, and we know how to guide you to the truth of who you are — in short, to capture you so perfectly that people will feel you in your marketing, messaging, design, and culture.

We find the magic that makes your brand truly connect with an audience, attract top talent, increase sales, and build loyalty from all your constituents.

“The process in which Glenn and Maria took me through from looking at my personality type, my values, my vision and mission statement was second to none. I am thrilled with my website, logo, and brand! I have received countless complements on my website (e.g., clean, friendly, captures me, user friendly). I could not recommend their services highly enough; they are world class! Thank you, Glenn and Maria!”

— Eric Belsterling, Heart and Soul Recovery, PLLC


“When I decided to re-brand my company, I sought out the help of a branding expert. I was lucky enough to find 4 Directions Branding. Their philosophy of building on the culture within the business and their approachable demeanor has made the often stressful re-branding process an exciting and enjoyable journey. Thank you, 4 Directions Branding.”

— Keith Wimsett, Inspire Personal Fitness

What We’ll Do for You

Vision, mission, and positioning statements are just the start, but they serve as the foundation. We build literally everything from there. We help you identify and refine your values, craft the voice of the brand, articulate the personality of the brand, identify the colors and design elements that speak to your essence, and place everything in the context of your vision.

Some leaders are gifted enough to do this naturally, but those individuals are rare. Most people need help, especially outside help — someone to look in and through your organization and what it stands for and to reflect its truth back to you with empathy and clarity.

The result won’t sound like a million others, it will sound like you.

It won’t follow trends, it will empower you to create your own.

We will take you to the core of your organization’s essence and meaning, and co-create a wholehearted brand that strongly resonates with your audience and changes everything for the better.

Brand Strategy

Brand Evolution

Building the foundation to take it to the next level.
Personal Brand

Personal Branding

Discovering and owning your innate brilliance.


Aligning all the pieces for a deeper connection.


Creating a wholehearted organization.

Ready to transcend to the new model?

Ready to transcend to the new model?