We want a sure thing because a sure thing gives us comfort. For this reason, we tend to resist the twists and turns—the mini-successes and scrapes and bruises. Building an authentic brand is both a process and it’s not. There are discernible steps to take that lead us on a road to authenticity and resonance with an audience. And there are times to step back, reconsider, reassess, try again, move forward, fall down a little, get back up, keep going forward.

It’s creative and it’s science. The non-science are the twists and turns—waking up in the middle of the night with a question that burns itself into your mind as you stare fully awake at the ceiling. The non-science is the uncertainty of “Will this work?”

What if . . . uncertainty is the only sure thing? It’s the true sure thing because when we allow and embrace the uncertainty (the twists and turns) that’s the time when we move closer to the truth of who we are (as an individual or as a company).

Allowing is the gathering of courage to try an approach that may not work. Embracing is the acceptance of the result, even and especially if it doesn’t work, as that’s when we have the most to learn. Did the idea not connect? Is there no viable market for the product? Was it that we just couldn’t figure out who the audience was for the service?

Achieving an authentic brand that resonates and connects cannot happen without the uncertainty of twists and turns.

What snags our success is when we follow a path based strictly on formulas and gimmicks. Why? Because we’re following formulas and gimmicks, instead of searching within ourselves for what we feel deeply passionate about. When we search within ourselves, we will find (sooner or later) our true authenticity. And when we find our authenticity (as an individual or as a company) will be on a road filled with twists and turns—an uncertain road that leads us to an authentic brand and a product or service that connects with an audience in a meaningful way.

If we allow and embrace the twists and turns, and keep going, we will get there. Maybe a little bruised. Maybe a little tired. But exhilarated and fulfilled doing work that matters.

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