You want your business to grow

You want your marketing to work, but the traditional approach that encourages us to be louder than the rest, to interrupt without permission, doesn’t feel right to you.

Authentic branding, developing a narrative, a story and a personality that is genuinely authentic to what you stand for as a company or an individual is the way we bring a vision to life, awaken purpose, and build brands that connect.

Authentic branding is like putting a turbo charger on your marketing. It’s the difference between ordinary marketing that follows a traditional model, and marketing that inspires connection.

Below we offer three options as an introductory way of working with us.

The Takeaway

Areas of focus vary based on the package you select.

We will work with you on things like,

  • Assessing your brand: what’s working, what isn’t and how to fix it
  • Developing your brand personality and tone
  • Going deep to understand your intended audience: who they are, how they behave and what they believe
  • Discovering and writing your unique WHY statement (Vision Statement)
  • Discovering and writing your HOW statement, your secret sauce (Mission Statement)
  • Positioning statement: creating a position in the minds of your ideal audience that makes your brand stand out
  • Developing the tension that draws people into your brand story
  • Identify the elements of your marketing that may need to be redesign
  • Guidance on the re-design process
  • Creating compelling brand strategy to move your business forward, attract the attention of your audience, and grow your business

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