Great brands are built through collective creative effort.

Great brands are built through collective creative effort.

Brand Assessment

Do you feel your brand is lacking impact and connection and you’re not sure why? Do you wonder if you’re reaching the right audience? Do you feel your message is not conveying the true nature of your vision? If so, undergoing a brand assessment is a great way to gain clarity of what’s working, what isn’t, and how to transform it.

Brand Coaching

You know something is not working with your brand and your marketing, but you may not have the time or the resources for a brand overhaul. Or perhaps your brand is in pretty good shape, but you know there is still room for improvement. If so, one-on-one coaching is a powerful way of moving your brand forward gradually, steadily and consistently. It’s the most individualized focus we offer that allows for a truly customized and powerfully effective brand strategy to take form.

Brand Strategy

Your marketing is falling short and you sense that it’s related to your brand. Perhaps you’ve been feeling this for a while, and now is the time to dive in and transform your brand to increase its impact and connection. The depth of our process brings clarity to every area of your strategy. We engage in numerous processes, which are both challenging and enjoyable, and together create a cohesive brand strategy to highly energize your business. This is an in-depth process that leaves you with a ton of value.

Personal Branding

You feel hindered in your career. You’ve had some successes, but you’re not seeing the trajectory you had hoped for. You know you’ve got some valuable chops, but are not sure how to articulate them, and more so, how to build a personal brand that presents you in your best light. Our personal branding process is powerful and laser focused, designed to remove barriers and empower you to your greatest career success.

Lean Startup Brand Strategy

We created the Lean Startup Brand Strategy package to serve the busy startup entrepreneur with an offering that sets you up for success with less of an investment of time and money. This is a way of launching with a well thought out brand personality and narrative, and a deep understanding of those you seek to serve, while keeping you on target with all that you need to accomplish. This is a must-have process to ensure the success of any new venture.


Glenn Geffcken is available for speaking engagements with schools, universities, businesses and conferences. He enjoys engaging on such topics as: Finding Our WHY and Using It as a Roadmap for Life, Being Authentic in Work & Life, The Power of Authentic Branding & Why We Need It, Positioning Ourselves & Our Businesses for Greatest Impact, and Building the Muscle of Intuition and Purpose.

I want to stand out from the ever-increasing marketing noise.

I want to stand out from the ever-increasing marketing noise.