"Be yourself, everyone else is taken."

— Oscar Wilde


Discover the Art of Brand Innovation

Entrepreneurs often share captivating visions, yet crafting a truly resonant brand demands more than passion — it necessitates strategic finesse.

The conventional approach to business involves observing and imitating others. Concepts such as unique selling proposition, price and features, positioning, narrative and storytelling are valuable, but they rarely birth deeply resonant brand stories because they lead us towards mimicry.

Creating a truly unique brand is akin to navigating a moving stream in a kayak without prior experience. We may grasp the basics but lack the muscle memory for balance and finesse.

Brand innovation is very much about developing a kind of muscle memory for feeling into a brand and discerning its unique personality, tone, and values. And we’re usually too close to our own brands to do this effectively.

Elevate Your Brand

Unveil the potential of your brand through our immersive brand innovation workshops. It’s a chance to craft a brand that’s not only compelling but possesses the sophistication often associated with big-budget companies.

Our approach is a paradigm shift, a groundbreaking way forward.

Engage in our skillful and intuitively guided process, where we’ll lead you in shaping and strengthening your unique vision, mission, and positioning statements. Along with new tools you’ll acquire in the workshop you’ll have the means to continually refine and elevate your brand.

We begin with a simple question:

Are you in business to make money, or do you make money so you can do the work you love to do?

A simple and yet profoundly transformative question that connects the mind and the heart to craft a more compelling and authentic brand story.

What To Expect

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from an industry-leading brand expert who has helped shape compelling brands to achieve exponential growth
  • Creative Inspiration: Discover the art of storytelling, design, and strategy that captivates your audience
  • Actionable Insights: Leave with a new direction on your marketing and brand strategy and more deeply compelling mission and vision statements.
  • Awaken the Passion: Feel the excitement of gaining a newfound clarity on your business vision and its purpose.
Glenn Geffcken

Glenn Geffcken

facilitator, brand expert

23 years and counting of brand building and innovation.

Building brands with clients and workshop participants is a natural extension of the kind of life I live — constantly peeling the layers to discover deeper dimensions within myself, my work, and my business pursuits.

Book a Workshop

The Details

We offer immersive workshops available in one, two, and three-day formats. Each day consists of approximately six hours of content, with two 15-minute breaks and one one-hour break. The content of each subsequent day builds upon the accomplishments of the previous days. Day-one is a valuable standalone experience, and days two and three complement each other. The number of days you choose to book is entirely based on your specific needs and objectives.

These workshops are designed either for groups of small business leaders, or within organizations seeking to advance their brand in a collaborative team environment.

Prior to each day, there are simple assignments to prepare for the workshop. Additionally, it’s important to allocate time between sessions for reflection and integration. We strongly encourage participants to take notes during the workshop.


  • Set the foundation for brand innovation work
  • Begin developing muscle memory for feeling more deeply into a brand
  • Craft your unique WHY/Vision statement
  • Craft your unique HOW/Mission statement


  • Continue building muscle memory for brand discernment
  • Discover and articulate your true core values
  • Learn about positioning with finesse and sophistication
  • Craft your unique positioning statement
  • Align design with brand


  • Learn how to quickly and effectively assess brands
  • Discover and articulate your unique brand personality and tone
  • Go deep to understand your audience
  • Craft your unique brand voice
  • Business naming
  • Business modeling

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