Glenn Geffcken

Author, blogger, speaker, brand strategist and partner in 4 Directions Branding

Glenn Enjoys Engaging With Audiences on Such Topics As

  • Finding Our WHY and Using It As A Roadmap for Life
  • Being Authentic in Work & Life
  • The Power of Authentic Branding & Why We Need It
  • Positioning Ourselves & Our Businesses for Greatest Impact
  • Building the Muscle of Intuition and Purpose

Glenn especially loves engaging with young entrepreneurs, colleges students and recent graduates, as he sees this time in their lives as pivotal for creating a life of impact.


Glenn guided our group through an enlightening activity where we were invited to connect with our true selves and to our life’s purpose. We reflected on the importance of letting our personal values guide our decisions both professionally and personally.
Genevieve Brown

VP Programming, NMAMA

Our organization has hired Glenn to present multiple times and every time he delivers a thought-provoking, detailed, and informative experience for our clients. He is masterful at encouraging personal and professional self-reflection in a way that reaches those who are new to thinking about core values and company culture. Glenn offers practical advice for how to take a business to the next level by having a purpose and thinking beyond the numbers. Our clients feel more empowered and aware of how to approach business in a way that is sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable; a combination they weren’t sure was possible before!
Stacy Lutz-Ovies

Early Childhood Program Consultant, Buncombe Partnership For Children

What The Swarmers Are Saying

“Glenn and Maria’s introduction of the elder concept was inspirational.”

“Glenn and Maria are fantastic speakers. They drove the conversations to a place where people felt comfortable sharing feedback on the exercises we were doing.”

“Glenn and Maria’s Energy Behind Words exercise was both challenging and enlightening.”

“The presentations on indigenous culture was compelling and made me dig deeper to think about my own connections with people in and out of work.”

Melibee Swarm Conference 2015

Melibee Global

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