What Our Clients Are Saying

Adey Zegeye — Personal Branding

Silvia Gonzalez — Personal Branding

Eric Belsterling, Heart & Soul Recovery

"Working with 4 Directions Branding was such an amazing unique experience! Trusting Maria and Glenn with their process of making my dream a reality was more than I ever could expect! They are a passionately committed team, that took the time to understand my passion and speak my language to build me a truly authentic brand and website!"

- Rachael Wyman, Owner of Kids at Play

"The 4 Directions Branding process challenged us to be clear and thoughtful, which helped us to create a brand that is bold, authentic and definitive. We are grateful."

- Elaine Beattie & Carrie Wagner, Partners, Cultural Intelligence Works

"The branding work 4 Directions Branding completed with me was much deeper than I expected, and brought me to a new authentic place, providing expansiveness of which I was unaware."

- Doug Bruggeman, PhD & Founder of Ecological Services and Markets, Inc.

"Working with 4 Directions Branding on the branding values of our company gave us a deeper understanding of WHY we do what we do. It’s extremely important insight that then feeds every business decision moving forward from brand aesthetics to who we partner with to what projects we’re investing in. This work is essential for building a solid foundation for our future growth."

- Angie Rainey, Owner, Coffee Crate

"I benefited greatly from the wisdom and guidance of 4 Directions Branding, as they helped me get clear and focused about my marketing message. I encourage you to use their help."

- Dr. David Nygaard, Owner, Atlas Chiropractic of Asheville

Ready to transcend to a new model?

Ready to transcend to a new model?